Pinup Pixie: Everything You Need To Know About This Tiktok Star

Pinup Pixie Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki Updated 2023 December

PinupPixie is a Canadian social media personality who has gained immense fame on TikTok. She is known on the platform for her short 1950s-inspired cosplay videos which have attracted numerous followers. She is active on YouTube as well and enjoys posting her incredible food and travel videos there.

Maintaining a clear separation between her public image and personal connections is shown in Pixie’s decision to keep her family life private. This allows her to concentrate on her successful job and her position as a loving mother to her son, Jaxon. Pixie has also created numerous lip-sync videos on TikTok in addition to this. Her official TikTok account has more than 10 million followers as of August 2022. Pinup likes to upload her wonderful food and travel vlog videos on her self-titled YouTube channel.

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Speculations about Pinup Pixie’s marriage focus on hints in her TikTok videos, alluding to desires for genuine love and respect, fueling rumors of alleged infidelity. Her true birth name, according to reports, is Bianca Blakney. Since she was young, she has enjoyed watching old movies. Marilyn Monroe, a well-known American actress, served as her inspiration. She enrolled in a reputable university to finish her higher education. As per the sources, her monthly subscription amount is $19.99.

Our staff is currently investigating her background in order to provide you with further information. As a single mother, Pinup Pixie’s 18-year-old son Jaxon has played a significant role in her life. Pixie’s parenting experience has struck a chord with her fan base, showcasing her grit and tenacity. The couple had a newborn boy as their shared kid pin up promo code.

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If you see her videos, you will notice that she loves to dress up like the iconic Marilyn Monroe. She is also active on YouTube, where she shares her incredible culinary and travel films. In her videos, she typically employs songs by Avril Lavigne and Vampire Weekend.

Popular TikTok user Pixie boldly opened up to her audience about her divorce experience in a poignant video uploaded in June 2023. She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall by height, The weight of Pinup’s body is around 55 kg. Pinup has blue color beautiful eyes as well as blonde color hair.

Net Worth: How Much Does Pinuppixie Earn?

She has also worked with a lot of well-known TikTok celebrities. She does not, however, give the press her husband’s name. The birthplace of Pinup is British Columbia, Canada. The current age of the popular TikTok star Pinup is 24 years and 9 months old as of August 2022.

Here she shares amazing videos of her food and travels. In addition, Pinup also endorses lots of brands on her social media handles. Now let us look into her net worth and other details. According to a leading newspaper, Pixie is the stepmother of two kids, Jasmine and Jake. However, she has not shared any pictures of them on her social media handles. But after seeing her Instagram profile, we can see that she likes to spend time with her family and friends.

Pinup Pixie Divorce: When Fairy Tale Love Takes An Unexpected Turn

Not only this but she also creates her lip-sync reels on her IG profile. With her hard work and talent, Pinup Pixie has gained a lot of fame and success in her online career. PinupPixie does not have any biological children of her own. Nonetheless, she fulfills the role of a stepmother to her husband’s two children, named James and Jake. Pinup Pixie primarily generates income through her online career and as a social media influencer. Additionally, she is reported to be active on the OnlyFans platform, contributing to her earnings.

Her TikTok account is well-known for her cosplay videos. She also uploads videos to her YouTube account, which has over 13.9K followers (as of April 2023). She is also known for her resemblance to Marilyn Monroe and her love for vintage fashion.

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There isn’t enough proof to support fan conjecture over her husband’s potential status as a social media influencer. Even though Pixie is quite active on social media, she has been careful to conceal her husband’s identity, posting just a few pictures in which his face is obscured. Reports claim that Pinup is a well-known social media influencer.

Her major income comes from TikTok sponsorships and modeling assignments. The influencer also earns through OnlyFans, which makes up her net worth to be somewhere around $800K. Click the upvote icon at the top of the page to help raise this article through the indy100 rankings. Her website reveals several sources of income including mugs, iPhone cases and posters.

Pinup Pixie’s Net Worth, Income Sources And Lifestyle

She rose to prominence after releasing vintage actress costume videos on her TikTok account. According to accounts, she is a major Marilyn Monroe lover. Not only that, but Pixie has a lot of TikTok lip-sync videos. Her official TikTok account has almost 10 million followers as of April 2023. Pinup also has an Instagram account where she posts incredible videos, which has garnered her over 420K followers. After reaching 10.4 million followers on her verified TikTok account in August 2022, Pinup Pixie shot to fame.

In conclusion, PinupPixie, a multi-talented content creator and social media influencer known for her captivating cosplay and vintage-inspired content. While she keeps her personal life private, she has garnered fame and success in her online career, with an estimated net worth of $2.5 million USD as of 2023. Her role as a stepmother to two children adds another dimension to her life, which she manages with discretion. Pinup Pixie is a multifaceted professional, excelling as a popular TikTok star, cosplayer, YouTuber, content creator, and social media influencer. She gained public attention by sharing cosplay videos of vintage actresses on her TikTok account, in addition to creating lip-sync videos. Pinup Pixie is a popular TikTok star, cosplayer, YouTuber, content creator as well as a social media influencer by profession.

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She also enjoys posting films on YouTube, where she regularly showcases her culinary prowess and her travels. In her videos, she frequently features songs by Avril Lavigne and Vampire Weekend. Pinup, it has been said, is an active social media brand endorser.

Pinup got the public attention after began uploading vintage actresses’ cosplay videos on her TikTok account. Apart from this, she has also created several lip-sync videos on her TikTok account. At present, Pinup Pixie has become a popular TikTok star. She has also her own self-titled YouTube that she runs. Pinup Pixie, aka Bianca Blakney, born on November 25, 1997, is a famous cosplayer, social media influencer, content creator, TikTok star, media face, and entrepreneur.

Who Is Pinup Pixie?

In fact, some of her dance videos have even got her 34 to 48 million views each. However, since PinupPixie is 24 herself, it is safe to assume that the son might be her stepson from her husband. At the same time, she has another stepdaughter who is 13, and a biological daughter who is 6, to whom Bianca gave birth to when she was just 18 years old. Pixie’s fans are still supporting her despite the ambiguity surrounding the reasons behind her divorce.

Bianca Blakney’s age is 25 years as of August 2023, and her birth sign is Sagittarius. As well as vintage style, Bianca has been branching out into different styles. She has one biological daughter who is 6 who she gave birth to at 18-years-old, and has a 13 year old stepdaughter and soon-to-be 18-year-old stepson. One of her top-viewed videos features her dancing in a navy blue dress with thigh-high splits, which clocked up an astonishing 34.4 million views. Another video of her twerking in the same dress hit 47.2 million. As for her fortune and net worth, PineupPixie has three classic cars.

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Pixie’s career is booming while her husband’s is stagnating, which might lead to conflict in their marriage. Pinup Pixie took great comfort in the unwavering love she received from her followers, even in the face of uncertainties surrounding her personal life. In Canada’s British Columbia, Pinup was born and raised. The reports state that she was born on Tuesday, November 25, 1997. According to her birth date, Pinup is 24 years old (as of 2021). Every year on November 25, she celebrates her birthday.

Beyond her creative endeavours, she is also a wife and mother. Being a big Marilyn Monroe fan, she often posts videos recreating the legend’s iconic looks. Her followers feel that most of her looks are hugely inspired by Monroe.

Is Pinuppixie Married?

It is mentioned that she is a stepmother to two children named Jasmine and Jake. Pinup maintains a low profile when it comes to her personal life, keeping details about her family and relationships private. She also loves to dress up in the same way as Marilyn.

There she often showcases her latest retro-inspired looks. In August 2022, she gained widespread attention by amassing over 10.4 million followers on her TikTok account. Pinup makes a living from her professional vocation. Pinup, according to rumors, is also active on the OnlyFans account. Her OnlyFans account membership fee is $19.99 per month.

How Old Is Pinuppixie?

According to accounts, Pinup enjoys creating art. According to insiders, Pinup also promotes a variety of products on social media. Pinup is a well-known TikTok celebrity and content provider.

The TikTok star, who is just 24 years old, shocked her followers as none of them expected her to be a mom to a grown-up young adult. Pixie’s choice to keep the details of her divorce a secret has led to much conjecture among her supporters and admirers. Bianca Blakney is Pixie’s real birth name, according to the reports. Pinup withholds all information about her family members, though. She makes money from her professional career as a pinup. Pinup is reportedly active on the OnlyFans account as well.

Pinup Pixie Divorce: Ex Husband Separation Reason And New Boyfriend

Needless to say, she is very popular for her cosplay videos on her TikTok account. PinupPixie, AKA Bianca Blakney is a popular content creator who is well known for creating short-form 1950s-inspired cosplay videos. She has also worked with a number of well-known TikTok performers.

Her OnlyFans account costs $19.99 per month in subscription fees. Additionally, she earns money through promoting brands. Pinup’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. Presently, Pinup Pixie has risen to fame as a prominent TikTok personality. She also operates her own self-titled YouTube channel, where she shares captivating food and travel vlogs.

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In this final section, we celebrate the stories of pinup pixies who have embraced their post-divorce lives with courage and resilience. Her social media was inundated with messages of love and support from followers who shared their divorce stories and offered sympathy, counsel, and a feeling of unity. Pinup’s mother is a homemaker and her father is reportedly an entrepreneur. She does not, however, post any pictures of her family on social media. Primarily posts videos showcasing her most recent throwback attire.

Pete is a Nollywood actor, TV show host, film producer, director, and entrepreneur from Nigeria. He rose to prominence for his role as Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart. PinupPixie is a TikTok and Instagram celebrity with a large online following. She is best known for her cosplay content and impersonation of Marilyn Monroe.

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At the same time, she also earns due to her content through TikTok. As of 2023, Pinup Pixie boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $2.5 million USD, indicating her affluence. She enjoys a luxurious lifestyle with access to various luxuries.

However, Pinup does not share any details about her family members on any public platforms. The Canadian content creator’s net worth is alleged to be $800,000. Bianca discovered the vintage lifestyle in 2017, and regularly shares throwback looks of her past. She previously favoured a scene or emo kid look, and sometimes recreates the style she wore then.